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Stock the Pantry


Food Drives

Help stock our food pantry

WayForward Resources depends on both financial contributions and food drives in order to stock our food pantry with a variety of nutritious food. You can help us by hosting a food drive! To decide what to focus your drive on, please refer to our donation guidelines. Consider choosing a theme such as breakfast, baking or personal essentials. You can also check out our current Top 10 List for our most immediate needs or the Grocery List below for items we always need to restock. Before you begin planning your drive, please fill out our form below.

Food drive tips:

  • Download and print our Grocery List and attach to grocery bags
  • Print and attach shopping list (PDF below) to empty paper grocery bags and hand out in your office, church, or school
  • Set a deadline for people to return bag filled with food


Want to help right away? Order from our Amazon Wish List to stock our shelves.

WayForward Shopping List

  • breakfast cereal + oatmeal
  • rice pasta + pasta sauce
  • mac + cheese
  • canned soup
  • spices + condiments
  • snacks
  • peanut butter + jelly
  • canned chicken + tuna
  • flour + sugar
  • cooking oil
  • shampoo + conditioner
  • toilet paper
  • bar soap + body wash
  • toothpaste + toothbrushes
  • diapers + wipes

You Can Help

Build Stability in Our Community

Now, more than ever, your support helps ensure that people in our community have enough nutritious food to eat and can remain in stable housing.