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A veteran finds stability with support from MOM
November 7, 2022

A veteran finds stability with support from MOM

A veteran finds stability with support from MOM

Martin, a 78-year-old veteran, loves his apartment because of the sunlight it gets from southern exposure. He has a monthly income of $1,450, but his rent is $1,200, which means at some point in the year he risks falling behind on his other bills. When MOM first began working with him five years ago, his rent was $1,000 a month. Public housing for senior citizens with subsidized rent have long waiting lists and moving is often too big of an obstacle for older adults without a support system in the community.

Over the last few years, MOM has provided Martin with financial assistance to cover rent, utility bills and dental bills not covered by Medicare. He used the food pantry regularly before FoodShare benefits increased during the pandemic, allowing him to shop more at the grocery store with a friend who gives him a ride. Martin is full of gratitude for the support he’s received from MOM’s Senior Program, including volunteers who help carry his laundry back and forth from the basement of his apartment building and provide rides to medical appointments.

For older neighbors in our community like Martin, MOM’s programs are what allow them to stay in their homes. Your support means that we are able to help neighbors in our community get the nutritious food they need and stay in their homes.